Our Alarm Clocks,
Our Protectors,
Our Companions.

Create more precious moments with your best friend through
greater overall wellness.

Compactly Packed With Nutrients

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Oral Health

Superior crunching
action for cleaner, stronger teeth & gums.

Maximum Nutrient
Absorption & Digestion

More concentrated goodness for enhanced well-being.

Body Weight

Lesser consumption
for a leaner, robust pet.

Chow for Your Pal

Puppy Food

Puppy Food (Chicken & Herring)

Nourishing and tasty, perfect for your puppy.

Small Bites

Small Bites (Chicken & Herring)

Petite-sized for your petite adult pooch.

Adult Dog Food

Adult Dog Food (Chicken & Herring)

Serving fido the best of surf and turf.

Atlantic Seafood with Lobster

Adult Dog Food (Atlantic Seafood with Lobster)

A sea of goodness for your furry pal.

Lamb & Sweet Potato

Adult Dog Food (Lamb & Sweet Potato)

A well-balanced diet for a well-balanced pet.

Kibbles for Kitty

All Life Stages

All Life Stages (Chicken & Herring)

Solid nutrition for cats of all ages.

Mature / Weight Health

Mature / Weight Health (Chicken & Herring)

For older kitties that need the extra boost.

Atlantic Seafood with Lobster

Adut Cat Food (Atlantic Seafood with Lobster)

Delicious and highly digestible diet.